This film is a complete classic from 1991; it endures and inspires. I am thrilled to share and celebrate this work as maybe one of life’s greatest lessons… and an inspiration for our new brand – JOT.

Directed by Frank Oz, on the surface it’s a sweet family comedy about a zany, lovable character played pitch-perfectly by Bill Murray. Go a little deeper and What About Bob is about the power of taking baby steps to enact terrifying and liberating change. Watch for the scene of Bob sailing and how he creates, Death Therapy. You’ll be laughing and crying at the same time. 

So Bob is suffering and Leo acts out of fear. One character commits to taking baby steps towards a healthier, happier life… and one refuses to change. Are you now seeing why we love this film?

This week, we’re celebrating the small things leading to big change. We launched our new website. We shared our work with friends. And we decided to keep going.  

JOT is reminding us about the small things or the baby steps we take, each day to keep on our path. 

Have a great week and share your JOT

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