Editorial Policy

Here’s the scoop on how alignyo creates and manages our content. The yoga classes, teachers, events, retreats, workshops and events featured on mindfulyogahealth.com and in our daily email are selected, reviewed and written up by our editors, not advertisers or another third party. We are not a listings service—that is, no studio, teacher or vendor/service provider can pay to be featured on our website or in our newsletter. Yes, we are unabashed champions of all the world-class yoga happening in our local communities, but our independence, integrity and credibility mean everything to our service—they cannot be bought. But what can be purchased is advertising on our site, sponsorship of our daily email newsletter and other creative opportunities such as the direct emails that we will send occasionally on behalf of a sponsor (which we carefully assess to ensure our readers will find it as helpful as our daily email, which you can subscribe from the sidebar).

We will always clearly identify advertising wherever and in whatever form it appears. Most important, we would never, ever lend or sell our subscriber list to anyone—it will remain safely tucked away under our sweaty yoga mat! We hope that you continue to connect with yoga, yourself and your community through our free daily email and our website.