Sober September

I’ve heard of dry January but not Sober September and frankly – it seems a little sombre. And then I looked Sober up and in some cases, it can mean earnestly thoughtful. Yet most often it refers to being ‘not drunk’. 

Summertime, I tend to drink it all in. Figuratively and in some cases, literally. I forget to meditate (shhh), eat only from the interior aisles of a grocery store and wear barely enough sunscreen. I let the season’s lightness take over.

As the first day of September hits – I will approach this season with a little more sobriety – a little more earnest thoughtfulness. I will harvest the summer sunshine and bring that lightness into my fall intention.

My intention is to keep focused on bringing a mindful practice to all of those who want access to it.  To that end, join me for a live meditation on Thursday, September 9th.  All are welcome and this session focuses on managing the stress and anxiety associated with a return to school or the office. 

Have a great week and don’t forget to share your JOT — Just One Thing for your healthier and happier life. 

Sober September

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