Super Bowl 2024 is here and whether you’re cheering for the Chiefs or … why anyone else??? you’ll want to do it in a healthy, and heck – (why not) – Taylor Swift style! So in addition to finding out ‘what time is the Super Bowl’ – you may also be looking for some healthy, fun Taylor Swift themed Super Bowl party snacks so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the game. And guess what – we have you covered.

Check out a few of our favorite Taylor Swift Super Bowl 2024 party healthy, party snacks. Or if you want to do a meal, check out our recipe for a great vegetarian Taylor Swift burger – #JohnMayer loves this one.

Taylor Swift Super Bowl 2024 – healthy party snacks:

Gluten-Free Party Snacks

You can enjoy the game without the gluten! Check out these tasty gluten-free Super Bowl party snacks. 

Gluten Free options?

Gluntino has taken this classic party snack to the next level. The Pretzel Chocolate gluten free pretzel is perfect if you want “shake-it-off” – that being the heavy, yucky feeling you get from eating gluten! Or try this salted caramel treat with Lovely Candy, these are seriously delicious and yes, they are PRETZEL BALLS… they put in such a good mood that we might even consider going to see a #jakeGyllenhaal movie again. Eat while listening to Cowboy Like Me as you watch Kelce crush the yards! Maybe even wear RED!

Chips You’ll want to Dip

It wouldn’t be a party without chips. It’s like a party without a Taylor Swift song! Who would go? Definitely not Kelce! So serve a healthier option like The Better Chip. These all-natural chips are GMO-free, made from whole grain corn masa, fresh veggies and contain no preservatives. Try Sweet Onion with White Cheddar or Red Pepper and Salsa Fresca for a vegan option. And don’t forget the dips – we love this all natural hummus by Wild Garden. It tastes so good that it has become lore… like #folklore!


Chicken tenders with Ranch! Select a tofu option and use cashew sour cream and fresh herbs to make it lactose free and easy… not like getting Taylor Swift Era Tour tickets… but kind of like attending the movie… in comparison, of course.

So this year, kick back and relax and watch Taylor Swift Super Bowl 2024 in good health. And don’t forget, some football players are connected to the yoga ways (a LOT of them do yoga and meditate!!!) Enjoy the hype – get into the game and be healthy along the way.