yoga for sexual health

You’ve probably done breath of fire (kapalabhati breathing) in a yoga class before, but did you know this breathing technique can also improve your sex life?

In part two of their Yoga for Sexual Health video series, loveologist Wendy Strgar and yoga teacher Caitlin Young show you how and why to do the breath of fire.

“This secret, ancient tantric breath has been taught by Vedic teachers for centuries,” says Wendy. “What I love about it is that I didn’t even know I had the power to create heat in my body and the nice thing about it is that, it’s not only really great for digestion, it’s also really nice to know you can create this warmth for your sexual purposes.”

Caitlin adds “We’re working here in the third chakra, the third energy center. This is about who we are in the world and how we have our power in the world. So we need to have our power in our own body to be able to share it with our partners in sex and intimacy.”

yoga for sexual health

Breath of fire video