JOT living

After the past 18-months, we could use a little inspiration to fill our cup. We might not even know it but time has taken a bit of a toll on our resilience. Our endocrine system and our overall well-being.

At MindfulYogaHealth, always and forever we have believed in easy access to the tips and techniques on health and wellness. We strive more towards accessible than aspirational and we hope to be forever playful and curious. What started as the production of an all natural candle to avoid the lead, chemicals and other crap put into non-natural candles. This idea of Just One Thing (JOT) came into being.

Introducing JOT: Just One Thing for a healthier, happier life.

And it’s not surprising that our JOT is the practice of mindfulness but on different days, it could also be an incredible tea that we discovered or why we’re currently obsessed with alarm clocks.

At one point, we thought maybe we would call this new brand, “Gwennie-on-a-dime” – the shame-free, more affordable version of goop. We might introduce that as a series… so stay tuned for highlights. AND we want to hear from you – what is your ‘just one thing’ that you’ve learned, tried or experience that you want to tell your best friend. That’s our goal at JOT.

Head over to JOT Living – follow us ON INSTAGRAM and we promise to create helpful content to support your pursuit of a healthier, happier life.

Welcome to JOT Living.