Last Halloween, we gave you ideas on how to dress up like certain celebrity yoga teachers and your favorite yoga poses. This year, team alignyo is back with even more fun yoga-inspired Halloween costumes. A Kundalini-crazed Demi Moore? Oh yeah, we went there. Take your love for yoga off the mat and into your friend’s costume party with these yoga-inspired Halloween costume ideas.

Trick or treat: 


Jai Ganesh! For Halloween this year, pay homage to the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh, the remover of obstacle and lord of success. You’ll need a realistic elephant mask, Indian-inspired clothing and a gold crown. Ganesh is often pictured holding an axe in one hand and a rope in another. He’s also often shown riding a mouse—if you can find one willing to let you sit on its back, just think of the photo ops! 

Similar costume ideas: The Dancing Shiva or Hanuman


Grab six of your yoga buddies and become human versions of the seven energy centers of the body by dressing up as the chakras. You’ll each need a bodysuit or pair of leggings and a matching top. To bring the costume home, have an artistic friend use fabric markers to draw the symbol for each chakra on the costumes. Check out our chakra blog series for more information.

Kundalini Celeb

We’ve got a soft spot for celebs who love yoga, so we were inspired by Russell Brand and Demi Moore for this Kundalini Celeb Halloween costume idea. You’ll need to adorn yourself in white from head to toe. Try these unisex white drawstring pants paired with a slimming pristine white tank and a white wrap sweater. Make it a signature celebrity look by donning big black sunglasses, carrying a yoga mat and covering your face anytime someone tries to snap a picture of you at the party.

Tara Stiles

We love Tara Stiles and thought it would be fun to dress up like the rebel yogi for Halloween this year. To complete this look, you’ll need her Who Made the Rules Reebok tank, a knit hat (she’s a knitting fanatic) and an infectious smile. Mastering the art of looking effortlessly cool in any yoga pose also helps pull off this look.