Looking for fun ways to get little ones excited about Thanksgiving? Blisstree put together a list of adorable Thanksgiving Snacks for Kids ideas. Check them out below.

When I was in Elementary School, we’d have little Thanksgiving parties. We’d dress up in problematic Pilgrim and Native American costumes made from paper bags and eat snack medleys out of plastic gloves. Looking back, that plastic glove snack feels pretty insulting. Thank goodness the internet is here to make festive snacks for kids more adorable, and sometimes easier than ever before. We rounded up 10 Thanksgiving snack ideas for kids that make month old candy corn out in a dentist’s glove look like, uhh, month old candy corn in a dentist’s glove.

Get read for lots of snacks and mini meals shaped like turkeys:

Gobble Me Up

This Gobble Me Up treat from Spoonful is an adorable and healthful way to get children into the spirit of the season. It’s comprised mostly of fruits, nuts, and a little bit of peanut butter, so it’s a pretty good energy boosting treat for grown-ups too. Directions here.

Crudites in Turkey Cup

I haven’t been in elementary school in a long time, but I can imagine these Crudites in Turkey Cups would be well received by children and their parents alike depending on the veggies and dip you choose. Directions here

Paper Bag Turkey

It’s an adorable cooked turkey that’s made out of a paper bag and FILLED WITH POPCORN. I don’t love to throw this word around, but this snack is straight up whimsical. If you air pop the popcorn, it’s also prettay prettay healthy. Directions here

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