How to get a good night’s sleep!

Let’s be honest. During a pandemic, it’s not the easiest time to fall asleep. We’re busy during the day – teaching, cooking, working, cleaning – so you would think that as soon as the head hits the pillow, we would be out like a light.   But sleep doesn’t come easily!

Mainly because that’s really just the beginning. It’s the time when we’re processing the impact of Covid-19 and what’s next during this time of uncertainly. Will I keep my job? How do I keep my family healthy?

Here are two tools that I use that have worked for me! One, is something that I’ve been incorporating into my life for over a year. The second is something that I do naturally – only to discover recently that it’s a nerve in the body that promotes and fosters — SLEEP!

Ashwahganda – if you’ve been a mindfulyogahealth fan – you know that I love this adaptogen. WARNING – NOW IN SHORT SUPPLY because of its proven benefits to a good night sleep! We tracked some down… hopefully it’s still in stock. It’s part of Ayurvedic medicine and helps (adapts) to the body’s nervous system to battle stress and anxiety. 

And the vagus nerve. Lately I’ve been sleeping on my back and putting one hand on my belly and the other on my heart. Feeling the rhythm of my breathing has had a calming effect. What I didn’t know is that the vagus nerve is a nerve that runs in the front of your body from your abdomen to your brain, increasing activity to your parasympathetic nervous system… the hormonal system that chill us out! I love it and haven’t been able to keep my eyes open for long once I take on this position!

So start tonight! Get a good night’s sleep! Make a cup of herbal tea with a little ashwahganda… watch the rest of Tiger Kings (more to say about that!) and once you’re done, place your hands in ‘sleep position’… and go after it! Just like Chris Cuomo says! Love that guy – get better soon! And to the rest of you – sleep well.