Mothers Day

Hey Mom, mamma, mother, mum or ma – Happy Mother’s Day.

Whatever you can do to steal 30-minutes out of your weekend, do it. Muster the motivation to put on some stretchy clothes and try Rory Bray’s class, found on Sweat and Tonic’s IG Live feed. I tried Booty HIIT which is 30 minutes of detailed instruction, encouraging motivation… and pain. I think my butt lifted from ONE class…well maybe not, but it felt like it did!

If you’re looking for something a little longer, more yogic and flowing… we’re huge fans of Ritual with Amber Stratton

Whatever you do to celebrate Mother’s Day… to all the Moms, Mums, Mommys and Mamas out there… please TAKE a break! It’s so required. We’ve been running schools, cafeterias, gyms and libraries as well as acting as guidance councillors, therapists, motivators, armchair doctors and mamma-bear protectors … for months! It’s time for a big, fat, long, glorious EXHALE!

Speaking of, I’ve been starting my day with the Kundalini breath of fire and it’s been a game-changer. It strengthens my lungs, clears my head and giving me energy. I would say the perfect trifecta for these times. Kia Miller is one of the most gifted Kundalini yoga teachers around. Be sure to check her out. OMG, can’t wait for you to try this one. Warning: it’s a bit weird to start.

Finally, I will be doing grounding meditations next week. We all need it and I want to share it. Check out alignyo’s IG feed for details.

Happy Mom’s Day to all.