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How to balance the sacral chakra with essential oils

Photo: Aura CaciaGeneralSeptember 19, 2013 by Charlynn Avery

In part two of our series on balancing the chakras using essential oils, Aura Cacia aromatherapist Charlynn Avery picks the best oils shares how to balance the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra (swadhisthana) is the energy center in the body connected with the fluid and pleasurable aspects of life — passion, relationships, creativity, reproduction. In essence, it’s all about our ability to experience an emotionally balanced life. When balanced, you can experience pleasure and are open with feelings; you are your creative and passionate self. Swadhisthana has associations with the color orange and connections to all things fluid and the water element. It is a powerful center, reminding us of the vitality and passion that keeps life flowing along.

In aromatherapy, we look to aphrodisiac and joyful aromas. The oils remind us of the changing aspects of human nature— passion, creation and emotion. The association with the color orange leads us to plants like the orange – full of the juice of life.  

We also look to oils that bring emotional balance – sandalwood and citrus oils make excellent choices to support balance and to keep ourselves in check. For help with inspiring passion, choose oils like ylang ylang, neroli and jasmine, which are great at supporting and encouraging romance. They help us maintain perspective and body awareness, and ease the flow of life in ways that are natural and helpful to this vital energetic area.

To support the sacral chakra with essential oils, diffuse any or several of the above oils in your home. You can also wear these oils diluted in your favorite carrier as a perfume or body spray. For more information on balancing swadhisthana and essential oil tips, visit Aura Cacia.

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