Keeping healthy

We’ve been talking about health and wellness for over a decade. Our approach is to make it fun and accessible for all and our goal is to help you feel better. Whether that means being more empowered by your work or experiencing some form of relief through a new tip or tool, we’re here for you!

We have a few suggestions on how to keep healthy time during covid-19.

First off, you’re invited to our second Women in Wellness event focusing on mindfulness. It’s free, on Zoom and can be a complete ‘game-changer’. Learn practical tips for building a meditation practice AND take part in a guided meditation with the powerful, intelligent and knowledgeable Liz Harmer Doyle, co-owner of Afterglow Studio and co-host of The Afterglow PODCAST. 

Or want to take a class online and have NO idea where to find one? Literally yesterday, I came to the realization that I use this resource every, single day – it’s amazing. It’s called FITCITYGUIDE and provides recommendations to vetted, solid IG classes on a daily basis. However, this recommendation comes with the following CAVEAT …when taking free online classes, if you can – please search for ways to support the teacher or studio. They are struggling like so many other sectors and need our support.  

Speaking of – the third recommendation for a healthy week is to help others. In Toronto, that looks like joining in the discussion started by the Health and Wellness Relief Coalition. In other parts of the country — sign a petition, make a donation, contact your local government… whatever it is, please add your voice to help save this industry. Like so many others, health and wellness as a business, is in crisis.

It’s a little stressful lately, right?  Remember I offer online meditations all the time – check out alignyo’s IG feed for details. Spread the word!