Covid 19

Finding peace in Covid-19

I don’t know about you but these days the question of ‘what’s next‘ is
constantly on my mind.

Summer is almost here and this Covid-19 thing that started as a winter haze has now become a full blown movement, guiding us in ways that we didn’t think possible back in March.  We’re now thinking about when and how to wear mask in the summer heat and how we can use a public bathroom if we’re out for long summer walk. Can we grab a quick iced-tea or ice-cream or play a game of frisbee in the park?

It is all enough to cause some level of inertia when trying to figure out ‘what’s next’. I’ve landed on the idea that action during these times requires courage. That’s why I’m loving this quote from Anais Nin, “life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”.

So after a significant hiatus from my yoga mat, a little unease of the unknown and a big bunch of feeling overwhelmed – I tried my first-ever ZOOM yoga class with Chi Junky’s founder, Rachelle Wintzen. Chi Junky is an east-end studio in Toronto that celebrates the chi (life force, energy) of life and promises to keep you in your flow. 

Rachelle teaches through detailed instruction coupled with loving and gentle encouragements. The sequencing is smart and progressive so it’s really easy to follow. The class I tried is called BURN, and it held true to its name. So there I was with no distraction, camera off but my name front and centre reminding me that I was part of a community taking this class. I’ve missed that and it transported my living room into a yoga studio – which felt great. Thank you Rachelle for keeping us all on track – individually and together. 

I’ve also returned to my meditation practice – even when it’s only 5-minutes.  This ALWAYS helps with the ‘what’s next’. At the request of a few, I’ll also be leading a couple of sessions throughout next week so check out @alignyo on IG for details. 

And the big ‘what’s next’ for me is that I’m hosting a one-hour coaching session this coming Wednesday at 12pm. There will be a live meditation and we’ll explore five strategies for staying grounded, positive and moving into action during this time of uncertainly. I find this work expands my life… and takes courage. Feels like the perfect offering for right now.