chakras & essential oils

Photo: Aura CaciaGeneralOctober 3, 2013 by Charlynn Avery

Aromatherapist Charlynn Avery is back with another installment of our series on balancing the chakras using essential oils. This week, she talks about the Heart Chakra and the best essential oils for this energy center.

chakras & essential oils

We live in a time that is in dire need of love. With a focus on the heart chakra (anahata), you can open yourself up to the experience of living compassionately and with unconditional love leading you in all that you do. This important, vibrant energy center is what links the physical and material with the spiritual – in other words, it is the link between heaven and earth.

With anahata in balance, you feel open and secure in your emotional connection to others. You are your creative, loving, and inspired self. One color connection for the heart is green. This vibrant green can be found in nature – it is the green of a leaf in May, full of the warmth of the sun, plump with the moisture of the rain. It is the symbol of all that is alive and it’s radiance is a reminder of the most pure love. Out of balance, we can feel unattached, heartless and disconnected from ourselves and others.

In aromatherapy, we look at floral oils that have connections with the emotion of love. Jasmine, rose and geranium are excellent choices in that they are oils that warm and open the heart. We also look at leaf oils that are opening to the lungs. Breath and chest expansion is a key component to balance in this area. Using oils like eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary are great choices to help you breathe and fully open in the chest.

To support the heart chakra with essential oils, diffuse any or several of the above oils in your home. You can also wear these oils diluted in your favorite carrier as a perfume or body spray. For more information on balancing anahata and essential oil tips, visit Aura Cacia