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Want to feel inspired (not pressured) to live your best life?

Completely fascinated by research on how exercise effects the human body? Then you must check out this list of the 22 best TED Talks for Fitness, Health and Happiness Inspiration. compiled by Greatist. 

If you have access to the Internet, you’ve likely seen one: We’re talking about TED Talks.

These live-recorded videos are inspirational life lessons from experts in fields from architecture to cardiology. And everywhere in between brought (for free) to Internet audiences by TED a non-profit dedicated to “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

There are now thousands of “Talks” on the site — mid-sized videos each with its own “ah-ha!” message or insight. But amidst a sea of possibilities, how do you even begin your search for enlightening speeches on wellness, health, and contentment?

To help curate this free, digital resource, Greatist selected 22 Ted Talks that offer something simple and motivating to apply to everyday life.  

See the videos here.

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