Yoga inversions can be intimidating. Even with the support of the wall and the guidance of a teacher you trust, turning upside down in yoga class can be both mentally and physically challenging for some. So we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tips for easing into yoga inversions as well as a 30-minute Handstand Flow Practice from Anita Goa to help you conquer your fears and safely turn upside down.

Before You Begin

Before you try a yoga inversion, you need to be mentally prepared. Check out these 4 tips for mastering your dream yoga pose to help you get in the right mindset.

Easy yoga Inversions

Celebrity yoga teacher Mandy Ingber admits that she’s not a big fan of inversions, however, when she does feel the need to turn upside down, she does these two variations.

Handstand Flow

Anita Goa’s 30-minute Yoga for Balance practice teaches you to connect to your core, keep shoulders in place and helps you get to a place where you can get into handstand with ease. Even if you decide to skip Handstand, it’s a great practice.