yogi's belly

Sometimes food isn’t the only way to fill your belly, at least that’s the way Sara Ivanhoe feels about getting nourished. Her advice is to let go of expecting perfection, and offer yourself unconditional love instead.

Here are a few insights from Sara on how she fuels her yoga practice:

inside the yogi’s belly sara ivanhoe

Powder power

Sara swears by YogaEarth supplements, especially the conveniently portable coconut water powder, before or after every practice. The handy powder packets are perfect for on-the-go yogis: just add water and enjoy natural, coco-nutty electrolytes in an instant. yogi’s belly

Sweet relief

Remember what Sara said about nourishing yourself with love? Dark chocolate is maybe the sweetest way to say, “I love me!” Chocolate also boasts some antioxidants – a perfect excuse for self-indulgence. “I love chocolate,” says Sara. “It’s the best anti-depressant I know.”

Breath-kept secret

Learning to enjoy your breath is an ideal way to wind down from a busy day. “Because pranayama [breathwork] targets your central nervous system, it’s like a natural Valium,” notes Sara. Just be sure to practice pranayama under the guidance of a teacher until you get the gist of it.

yogi’s belly