Yoga poses are challenging, especially when they involve balance and inversions. Here at mindfulyogahealth, our goal is to make yoga accessible, easy for the beginner. So, we decided to break down one of the more intimidating yoga poses: crow pose.

Here are 3 tips to get you flying into that challenging yoga pose: crow.

Strengthen your core

The yoga pose of crow (bakasana) requires a strong core, so if you’re struggling, be sure to also work on other yoga poses that build core muscles, such as the yoga pose, boat. 

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Maintain the arm placement in crow that you perform during chaturanga 

During crow pose, using “chaturanga arms” during this yoga pose will allow you to place your knees on the meaty part of your triceps instead of your armpits or forearms. 

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Practice, practice, practice! 

Many yogis skip trying the yoga pose crow in class because they’re afraid to look silly or fall on their faces. You won’t get any better at this yoga pose if you resort to child’s pose each time your teacher calls for crow. Just give it a try and keep trying, and eventually you’ll have it down. Let that crow fly and master this yoga pose once and for all.

Fly high yogis, and let us know what you think. Are we missing something?

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