We’re chatting with the creatives, creators, movers and shakers that have turned their passion for yoga into a career. Take a sneak peek at some of the coolest jobs in the yoga world and let their stories inspire you to live your best life, on and off the mat. 

You want a career in the yoga world, surrounded by like-minded people and making a living off of something you love, but you don’t want to teach. How do you do it? Meet Ava Taylor. She took her passion for the practice and started YAMA Talent, which helps yoga teachers, studios and mind-body experts (clients include Sadie Nardini, Brock Cahill and Suzanne Sterling) take their business to the next level. Here, we get an inside look at her cool career.

Job Title:


So what do you do?

Additionally, as the founder of YAMA Talent, the world’s first management company, consulting firm, and booking agency devoted to supporting yoga teachers and businesses, I hold the distinction of being the world’s first yoga agent. I am an avid yogi and a tenacious, creative entrepreneur. I am the go-to strategist for top professional yoga teachers, studios and brands looking to be relevant in the yoga marketplace. Which basically means I come up with crazy out of the box ideas for how yoga businesses can grow and then implement them, which means I have to negotiate a heck of a lot of deals in the process – they don’t call me Ari Gold for nothing. 

What’s something about your job we might not know?

That we work with all levels of teachers and yoga businesses. Some folks think we only work with yoga “rockstars” which is certainly our specialty, however, we also offer services – consulting, online courses and teleseminars for all yogis regardless of where they are in their careers.  

How Ava Taylor does meetings.

Briefly, can you tell us what a typical workday is like for you? 

9 – 11 consulting session 

11 – weekly call with a management client 

1 – conference call/emails 

3 – weekly meeting with a management client 

5 – conference call/emails 

7 – yoga & dinner 

9 – conference call/email with West Coast 

What do you love about your job?  

That it is in service of yoga and helps to get the tools of wellness to communities of all kinds. And, I make my own schedule – ain’t nothing bad about that! 

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