4 relaxation yoga poses


Supine Twist

restorative yoga poses: Legs up the wall pose

Legs up the wall pose

Had a crazy day that the summer heat made even more unbearable? Cool off and chill out with these four restorative poses you can do at home. Hold each posture for 3-5 minutes and feel your stress melt away.  

Supported fish pose  

Fold a beach towel in half and roll up so that it becomes about the size of a yoga block. Lie flat on the floor and slide the towel lengthwise between your shoulder blades. Relax your head back and open your chest. If this position isn’t comfortable for your head, place another rolled-up towel underneath your head. 

This posture not only stretches your chest but your shoulders and neck. This is a very beneficial pose if you’ve been hunched over a computer all day. 

Full butterfly 

Come to a seated position on your mat and bring the soles of your feet to touch. Let your knees fall open like the pages of a book and fold forward, allowing your back to round. For this posture you may use a rolled up beach towel under your forehead for support. Place your hands flat on the floor or gently on your feet. Draw your “wings” in closer to stretch your inner thighs. Draw your “wings” out further to stretch more into your low back. 

Supine twist 

Begin lying on your back with your legs stretched out flat on the earth and your arms out wide so that your body forms the shape of a “T.” Draw your right knee to your right shoulder. Exhale and draw your knee across your body using your left hand. Gaze to the right. Maintain both shoulders flat on the mat, even if your right knee cannot reach the floor. Repeat on the other side. 

This pose helps build flexibility and mobility in the spine and is extremely detoxifying. 

Legs up the wall 

Lie on your back and press your seat against the wall. Stretch your legs up the wall. Allow your head to rest flat on the floor.

This pose is great if your legs and feet are tired as it drains blood out of your legs. This pose also is extremely beneficial because it regulates your thyroid.

What are your favorite restorative postures?