It’s the time of year that we need a few tips and techniques to fight the flu – and yes, the yoga tips do not include a flu shot. If you came down with the flu, a few yoga tricks can get you back to good health in no time, and yes, we have to repeat it – no flu shot. Mindfulyogahealth is committed to helping you fight the flu. Let’s start with alternate nostril breathing.

1. With your right hand, place your middle and index finger in between your eyebrows.

2. Place your ring finger on your left nostril and your thumb on your right nostril.

3. Close the right nostril with your thumb and breathe in for 4 counts through the left nostril.

4. Hold the breath for 4 counts before letting go of the thumb and closing the left nostril with your ring finger. Exhale for 4 counts.

5. Repeat by starting the inhale on the left side.

This exercise helps calm the nervous system (reducing stress is always great for the immune system), but also helps strengthen and clear your respiratory system, which might be a bit overtaxed if you’re fighting off a flu.

Let us know any tips and tricks you might have to fight the flu. Especially if it involves fighting the flu with yoga!