Valentine's Day

Valentines‘ Day gift to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to me!

Imagine yourself calm, focused, grounded and imagine that as a Valentine’s Day gift that you give to yourself and everyone around you. That’s what meditation is. A gift!  It slows us down and makes us present. I’ve created a meditation that you can download and listen to anytime you want – no app, no email capture or forms… just a simple download.

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day

Try it now and let me know what you think!  It’s a guided meditation that focused on non-attachment and gratitude for only $1.99. Yes, you can say it – Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!!

It’s the one net-net benefit of yoga that we can all agree on – the power of letting your thoughts slow down and becoming present to your breathing. Meditation does this… so get mindful, get present right now.

Remember, we don’t have another yesterday. 
Give this Valentine’s Day gift to yourself – you deserve it.



Love yourself this Valentine’s Day