Dancer’s pose (Natarajasana) is much more than just a pretty yoga asana, it involves strength, flexibility, and balance. Because of this, it can be a difficult posture for some yogis. Let’s break it down!  

How to get there 

To get into dancer’s pose, start in mountain pose. Draw your right elbow to your right hip crease. Ground down through your left foot and kick your right foot into your right glute. Reach for the inner arch of your right foot. Start to reach with your left arm and kick your right foot into your right hand. If you’re ready for a fuller expression (like in this photo), you may reach back with both hands. 


1. If you struggle to find your balance in this pose, firm the muscles in your standing leg. In addition, gaze at one unmoving object in order to stay stable. 

2. Think about reaching slightly upward rather than straight out in front of you, as your body will naturally fall forward as you kick your foot into your hand. 

3. To move deeper into the posture, lengthen the crown of your head forward as you lift your non-standing leg behind you and above you. 

4. After you have lifted your leg behind you and above you, re-square your hips to the earth. 

Don’t forget to breathe, and if you fall out, simply try it again.