With summer here we can’t wait to grab our mats, head out of the studio and onto the sand. After all, what better way is there to enjoy the outdoors than to salute the sun, in the sun with the waves crashing, the birds chirping and a cool breeze? Before we could downdog by the water, we had some questions. So we consulted Los Angeles-area beach yoga teacher Jeanne Ortize of Yoga on the Beach in Playa to provide us with some great tips.

Time for some fun in the sun:

Use a beach towel to keep your mat in place

Bring your mat, any mat will do, and a large towel to place under your mat. Alone, your mat on the sand acts like a surfboard causing lots of movement. Utilizing a towel below it will help prevent your mat from slipping.

Baby powder is an excellent sand remover – who knew?

We all know that sand gets everywhere after a day at the beach. For those pesky grains of sand that won’t go away use the mom trick: shake some baby powder on your mat and poof, sand comes right off. According to Jeanne, it takes the sand off without scrubbing – and it’s great for your body, too.

Wear layers and don’t forget the sunblock

Early morning classes may start off chilly, but by the end you might be running towards the ocean to cool off. Start with a sweatshirt, bring a hat and as you warm up start shedding those layers. Make sure you’ve slathered on the sunblock, even if it’s cloudy. Because, just like mom always says, the sun is more powerful than clouds, you can still get burned.

Know the area

Looking to start your own beach yoga class? Know the area so that you can schedule the class in a place/time where the beach isn’t over run with people and noise. Be sure to check in with the city to ensure that you’re able to offer a class there.

Be prepared to use muscles you forgot you had

The sand, with its instability and constant movement, shifts – just like life below our feet. Be prepared to move with it, get comfortable with falling (it won’t hurt…just maybe your ego) and don’t be surprised if you’re sore the next day.