Yoga goddess Ashley Turner has a vlog called “Sacred Sex: How to Improve Your Sex Life” and we just have to share it with you. She gives yogic tools to help you transition from having sex to making love. Want to gleam more wisdom from Ashley? She’s has an upcoming Urban Priestess workshop at Exhale in Venice Beach.

During the weekend ofSept 27 – 29, Ashley Turner is co-teaching an Urban Priestess Workshop with Sianna Sherman at Exhale’s Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, Calf. Women only. All levels welcome.

What’s an Urban Priestess Workshop, you ask? You’ll “discover what is to be a woman of power in the modern world.” Ashley and Sianna will use “myth, ritual, slow flow yoga, dyads and Tantric principles to teach the real-world tools of the Priestess in practical and potent ways.” You will learn things like how to tap into your intuition, speak your truth, and improve your body image. More details here.