What makes you feel most free? Yoga does the trick for us and we’ve rounded some of our favorite liberating yoga poses. They feel so freeing because they open the front of the body, including the heart. Challenge yourself to create your own at-home practice and incorporate these poses into your sequence. Try them out and let us know what you think. If you are not experienced with these poses yet, please consult a local teacher about proper form before attempting at home.

Let freedom ring: 

Reverse warrior 

After a few rounds of sun salutations, begin in Warrior II. Stack your front knee over your front ankle. Square your hips to the side of the room. Press your back foot flat. Bring both arms parallel to the earth and reach in both directions. Maintain your strong lunge and slide your back arm down your back thigh. Reach your top arm up overhead. Feel a deep side body stretch, rather than a back bend. 


Camel is a deep back bend that brings up a lot of emotion. Start by standing on your knees, legs about hips-width apart. Place your hands on your lower back, fingertips facing downward. Start to trace your gaze across the ceiling. Keep your hips over your knees. Avoid falling back. Keep looking as far back as you can with your gaze to feel a freeing emotion rise. If you experience neck pain, gently come out of this pose and sit comfortably until you feel calm and in control of your breath. 


Full wheel is also a liberating posture. To reap the benefits of this pose, began as you would in bridge pose. Lie with your back flat on your mat. Bend your knees and stack your knees over your ankles. Reach for the back of your heels with your fingertips; if you can, you are properly aligned. Lift your hips off of the mat. Place your palms behind you and lift your hips higher as you straighten your arms. Relax your head and neck. Hold for five breaths and slowly lower back down to your mat. 

Wild thing 

Nothing makes you feel more wild and free than wild thing. To get into this posture, start in downward facing dog. From there, “flip your dog” by grounding down through your right palm and lifting your left palm off of the ground as you flip to the right so that your belly faces in the ceiling. Raise your left arm skyward as you reach your hips higher.