In power vinyasa yoga, you can flow through chaturanga dandasana dozens of times in an hour-long class. It is so crucial to perfect this posture since you perform it so often. Doing it incorrectly is not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to injury. 

Here are 3 ways to perfect chaturanga to keep in mind next time you practice: 

Hinge forward before lowering down

Before lowering your body down, ensure that you have proper form in high plank: stack your ankles over your toes, suck your belly button to your spine to protect your low back, and line your shoulders up over your wrists. Then, inch forward before you lower down. This will allow your elbows to bend at 90-degree angle before you move into upward facing dog.

Keep your elbows in tight

Many yogis have a tendency to let their elbows fall out to the sides. If you let your shoulders fly out like wings, you are putting unneeded stress on your wrist joints. Hug your elbows to your sides throughout this pose. You can even practice this by placing a yoga strap around your triceps then moving through chaturanga a couple of times to get the feeling of keeping your elbows together. 

Come to your knees if needed

It is best to start by doing chaturanga on your knees if you are not yet strong enough to perform the full expression. This way you can nail the alignment safely and with support. 

Are you still working to perfect your dandasana chaturanga?