If your usual yoga abs series is growing a little stale, check out these three yoga core moves that use a block for an added challenge. While some yogis mistakenly think of the yoga block as a crutch, we find that it actually helps us to move deeper into our abdominal muscles and obliques and therefore sculpt a flat tummy. Bikini season may be coming to a close, but a strong core is always in season.

Challenge yourself with these 3 unique core yoga exercises: 

Pass it on 

For pass the yoga block, start lying on your back with your legs stretched out long. Place the block lengthwise between your palms and stretch your palms overhead. Exhale and reach the block towards your feet, simultaneously lifting your legs up to meet your arms half way, right over your center. Shift the block to between your feet and lower your legs and arms back down to hover above your mat. Continue for one minute, switching the block from your feet to your hands to your feet. 

Reverse it 

Challenge yourself with some reverse crunches using the yoga block. Start lying on your mat, with your lower back pressing firmly on your mat. Lift your legs up, stacking your feet over your knees and your knees over your hips. Flex your feet so your toes point towards your face and place the yoga block on the soles of your feet. Slowly lift your feet up a few inches in a reverse crunch, carefully balancing the block the entire time. Continue for 30 seconds. 

Don’t forget your obliques 

Torch your side bodies with side plank with thread the block. From a high plank position, zip your legs together to touch. Ground down through your right palm and grab the block in your left palm. Open up to the left; point both of your toes to the left and stack your left hip over your right. Reach your left arm with block in hand up overhead. Begin to thread the block all the way under your right side body then slowly lift it back up over head. Be sure to keep your hips squared and lifted while you complete this exercise. Continue for 30 seconds then switch to the other side. 

What are your favorite core moves to do on your mat?