Coconut water, Turmeric Alive, green smoothies, kombucha… We yogis love our yoga beverages, but does your favorite post-practice refreshment throw your dosha out of balance? Ayurveda expert Ali Cramer investigates for Breathe Repeat.

These days it seems there’s a new fancy beverage popping up at yoga studios every month. Some of them are really good, and perfect for dehydrated yogis after class. Some of them are not. So this week, let’s take a look at the most popular ones and break down which choice is best for you!


I don’t know.  It’s not my fave. I think it tastes like the Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers we used to try to get ahold of in high school – kinda fizzy and sweet/sour. There was one time I drank a whole Kombucha before I taught, and I swear I was high off it. I am SUCH a lightweight! People love them, though. Especially Pittas. But guess what? They’re not good for Pitta! They are fermented, which means that according to Ayurveda, they are officially sour. Best for Vata, okay for Kapha if you get the ginger kind.

Coconut water

Mmmm, I love this stuff. There are a lot of different brands, and the taste varies a lot. My favorite is the raw one, but it’s very expensive. Second best I like the Taste Nirvana brand, especially with the chunks of coconut pulp in it. It’s better in the glass bottle, but don’t try to recap and put it in your bag. The caps are faulty and your Lulus will get sticky! Coconut Water is for Pitta and Vata. It’s not great for Kapha, unless it’s Pitta season, in which case, go for it. Want to know a little secret? I really like it with some ginger powder and a squeeze of lime in it. Kaphas, you could also add a (TINY) pinch of cayenne, Vatas, you could also add a (TINY) pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt. Pittas, it’s best to take it straight up.

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