Looking to switch things up from your daily cup of green tea or looking to cut back on your coffee habit? Yerba mate is great as a pre-class energizer, or a post-practice pick-me-up.

Yerba mate, technically a leaf, but brewed as a tea, is a South American tradition. It boasts incredible health benefits for yogis. The tea is incredibly rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that make it great for focusing your mind. Yerba mate is caffeinated, so it provides energy and endurance, but not jitters (although if you are not use to drinking caffeine, it might be a bit intense at first). It revs up your metabolism and helps increase nutrient absorption in your body so you get the most out of your pre- and post-class fuel.  It is also shown to help aid in the recovery of muscle recovery and soreness, so you can go the extra inch or two in class, and not suffer the next day. And if you’ve got some tummy trouble before or after class, it helps soothe that as well.

You can either enjoy the tea brewed simply on it’s own, or try this yummy little twist! 

Yerba Mate Latte

  • 8 oz strongly brewed yerba mate (steep an extra minute or so)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened, organic soymilk (or nut milk of choice)

Boil water, and brew tea according to instructions, adding an extra minute or so (depending on taste preferences) to the steep time.

Meanwhile, heat soymilk and honey on the stove, whisking to form a frothy consistency. (You can also do this by heating up the milk/honey in the microwave and then putting in the blender for about a minute). When tea is done steeping, remove tea bags, add milk, and enjoy!