We’ve tried them all. Really, we’re not kidding. When living and working in New York, lululemon was trying to make a name for themselves (I think they did) and sent many of us who were responsible for pre-branding the market, into the city to find the best yoga teachers in NYC. So in the latest and brightest clothes, a handful of lucky folks got to “meet people, take classes and have fun”. And in that journey, I found who I think are the best yoga teachers: nyc.

When I started alignyo and now, mindfulyogahealth (yes, what you’re reading started), my goal was to share some of these experiences. And that’s what we did. In NYC, LA and now starting soon… Toronto!

This post today lists the best yoga teachers in nyc … and they highlight the teachers I found almost a decade ago who are still teaching, empowering and rocking the yoga world. If visiting the city and you can get into these classes – run, don’t walk to drop your mat. They are truly legends. Below see their class reviews, that still hold true today.

Elena Brower

Great teachers use an economy of language to communicate. They also use who they are as people to set the tone and put energy into a space. There are few better in the world than Elena Brower for creating energy and setting the vibe. It’s her voice, language and who she is as a person that makes her teaching so compelling and inviting. She’s also wicked smart, fun and curious, so it puts you immediately at ease. Elena shares her life and expects nothing less from you. Don’t go to class wanting to coast, she expects you to show up 100% because without fail, she does. Expect a conversation with insights that move the body, the mind and the spirit.

Dharma Mittra

The idea of studying with yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, whose roots run deep in the NYC yoga community, can be intimidating. Throw in the image of Dharma Mittra in a hands-free headstand on his website and it can stop you in your tracks. DON’T LET IT. Dharma Mittra is nothing but love and enlightenment. Expect a ton of adjustments, short conversations with the master himself and laughter – lots and lots of laughter. After class, we felt taller, wiser, stronger and a whole lot happier. Looking around, this feels like the perfect yoga date class – because it is more physically challenging with long holds, inversions and balances, it attracts those looking for the ‘work-out’ style of yoga. Yes, this happens and with alignment cues that are world-class.

Aarona Lea Pichinson

A lover of movement and music, Aarona Pichinson (as noted recently in The New York Times) will help you creatively explore the flow through her soulful sequencing. As she teaches, she lunges, laughs and strides amid her students doling out helpful verbal cues. Expect plenty of adjustments. There is a tough vinyasa practice followed by some lovely restorative soothing. Keep in mind – it’s an intermediate level class.

Halle Becker

Halle Becker is a gifted teacher – and a gift to her students. A hard-body, sage and comedian, she’ll challenge you with her Homegirl Yoga, a semi-private class at her Upper East Side apartment (complete with strawberry-infused water, mats/props and a kula of friendly students). This is Halle’s essence – community and connection. The concept is to drop your kids off and drop onto your mat, but you don’t have to be a mom to be welcome. Get ready for great music, tons of community, meeting new friends and having your name called out A LOT. The fact that Halle refers to herself as a “spiritual gangster” lets you know up front what you’re in for.

Matt Giordano

When Matt Giordano played guitar and sang during Savasana, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was still in this world. Beautiful and transformative, his Slow Flow Meditation class is led with precision and care. A deep class guided by gentility.  Matt gives just the right amount of adjustments and leads his students into a quiet state of meditation. It was not surprising that he has a beautiful singing voice and plays the guitar with soul.  Very cool and just the right amount of humor makes this a juicy class that will stay with you for a while.

Dana Flynn

See why Laughing Lotus has produced some of the best teachers in New York City—take a Lotus Flow 2 (intermediate-level) class with Dana Flynn, who is the teacher’s teacher.  Co-founder and director of the Center and School at Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in New York City and San Francisco, Dana’s love of movement, music and expression all come through in her infectious energy. You live the class when Dana is at the helm. Plan to play BIG and to have fun!

Who do you think are the best yoga teachers NYC?