And there is so much more I want to say about MisFit Studio than simply a standard class review.

I grew up professionally in NYC during the explosion of the yoga-lebrity and boutique fitness scene — think SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, etc. People were introducing incredible ideas around group fitness during a heady time.. NYC and LA were the testing grounds. The punctuation for me was the creation of The Class method started by Taryn Toomey. I remember being hopeful when the studio TURF in Vancouver introduced Taryn’s class with some pretty kick-butt Canadian “The Class” trained teachers. I felt like boutique fitness was finally hitting Canada.

But I don’t live in Vancouver. I live in Toronto. And I had a hard time finding innovative fitness ideas (that weren’t already in the USA) and trend-bending classes where I could fall into movement AND a community at the same time.

Until I found the Ossington outpost of MisFit Studios.

My teacher was Caitlin and the class was called Fusion. I arrived early (because I always do) and it was super quiet. A lunchtime class, Tuesday, in the dead of winter… made sense. Maybe I’ll see one or two others. As class started, women occupied every single space in the studio, with a few guys scattered here and there.

Caitlin started slow and methodical for us newbies and I started into what I thought was the familiar rhythm of a yoga class. Which it is, until it isn’t. Slowly and smoothly, the class becomes so much more. It becomes a form of expression, a way to build strength, a process of release and finally about half way in; an awesome and sweaty dance.

I expected to sweat. I had read the website thoroughly to understand which class (they have many!) made the most sense for someone just dipping their toe into the MisFit world. Fusion was described as ‘high’ intensity so ‘bring on the sweat’.

What I didn’t expect was the freedom that I experienced in this class and the emotions that accompanied the movement, the music and Caitlin’s amazing teaching-style.

It was a truly joyful experience AND one that I felt for days later. It’s a tough class but you can definitely take it at your own pace. Next time, I might select lighter weights and take one or two more rests.The teacher encourages and designs the class in a way that promotes and supports active participation from the students.

I can see how and why MisFit Studio has built such a powerful community. You experience real connection in the class. My one thought at the end of was ‘I want to try them all’ – a pretty good sign of an excellent experience.

I strongly recommend checking out this studio and community. You’ll feel a sense of belonging right away – from the front-desk experience to the teacher. I went to the original location at Queen and Ossington and they also have a Bloor Street West outpost that I look forward to checking out.

Highly recommend this studio! Enjoy.