It’s easier than ever to become a certified yoga teacher thanks to all the teacher training programs out there. But not all yoga teacher training programs are created equally and there are a few things you should know before you invest your time and money in a teacher training program.

How to choose the best yoga teacher training program for you:


Most yogis choose to enroll in a 200-hour yoga teacher training. After completion of a 200-hour program, you can register with the Yoga Alliance (read this post to learn more) and are then eligible to teach at most studios, as 200-hour trainings are honored and respected because they meet certain criteria.  

Course material 

Because there are so many types of yoga, there are just as many different training programs. While researching teacher training programs, ask if you can review the program’s syllabus. While all 200-hour teacher training programs must cover core content such as posture breakdowns, only certain trainings dive deeper into topics like meditation and Ayurveda. 

Time commitment 

While you undoubtedly love yoga, spending almost all your spare time practicing and studying will likely impact your outside commitments to your family, friends, and occupation. The amount of time you may put in at the studio and at home is often underestimated.  

If your 200-hour training is condensed into a shorter time such as two months, you will likely spend several evenings a week at the studio and/or nearly every weekend there. Other trainings that are spread over a longer span of several months may be a more realistic option if you are unable to commit ample time each week to learning how to teach yoga. Teacher training programs that span a longer amount of time also may be a better fit for you if you know you are a type of learner who likes to take your time absorbing the material, instead of fully immersing yourself into the content. Some yogis may feel overwhelmed with more accelerated programs as there is a lot to learn. 

If yoga teacher training programs that span several months aren’t feasible for you, there are also week-intensive trainings. Some yogis find these programs ideal as they allow for them to take a week off of work and give all of their attention to becoming a yoga teacher for seven straight days. Often these programs are held at remote locations such as Costa Rica so that you can take a break from your daily life and travel to the destination for training for an enhanced experience.  


The average cost of 200-hour yoga trainings is $2,000-$3000, though some teacher training programs cost much more. While this price can be justified if you are seriously committed to diving deeper into your practice or making teaching yoga a significant part of your career, considering the costs of the programs is a necessary part of your decision process.