How to do pigeon pose

Go deeper in Pigeon

Is Pigeon pose a posture you dread? While it may never become your favorite yoga poses, follow these tips below to help you safely get into pigeon pose.

Start with Supine Pigeon

If Pigeon feels unbearable for you (which is common if your hips are super tight), don’t be embarrassed to take a supine variation lying on your back. This is a better way to open your hips rather to take half pigeon incorrectly. 

From lying on your back, draw your knees into your chest. Place your right ankle between your left knee and thigh. Reach behind your left knee and pull gently towards your face. Switch out to stretch your other hip.  

Be Patient and Go Slow

Take your time getting into the posture. Before lowering onto your forearms or placing your forehead all the way down onto your mat, gaze behind you and make sure your outstretched foot isn’t aiming to either side but is pointing directly behind you. Place your weight equally onto each hip. Grow tall in your spine and roll your shoulders back before hinging forward. 

Breathe into it

Focus on your breath in this posture. Breathe deeply into any sensation you feel. Hip openers can stir up a lot of emotion, but sending your breath to any areas that feel tight will help you to ease into the posture, and even enjoy it more than you may have in the past. 

Are you a fan of Half Pigeon Pose? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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