Generally speaking, we do our matcha and meditation, watch the carbs and burn pretty clean.  However, the first place that gives away our stress levels is our skin. And let’s be honest, these days it’s showing signs of fatigue. Simply put, we need a boost.

That’s why when Weleda reached out to see if we wanted to try their new Awakening Oil, we said ‘how fast can you get it here?’ 

This oil is packed with plant-based nutrients and a concentration of pomegranate gives the skin some serious radiance. This oil feels amazing – it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin dewey! Now we know some of you out there are hesitant to try oils for your face for fear of a break-out… but the past five-years, they have become essential in our skincare routine.

Another favorite is Seabuckthorn from Living Libations. It works well as a cleanser and a hydration boost and we’re literally never without it. We would drink it if we could. 

Ok – feeling better? Got your glow on? That’s good because we have some events that you have to check out!

As we mentioned last week, the Farms for Change fund raiser happening September 26th is an absolute must-attend. We received feedback that you wanted to hear more… so check out the link for details. It’s virtual AND interactive with amazing food and tunes from some of Canada’s most talented artists… AND IT supports the important work of Farms for Change. Tickets are here.

And did you read Untamed? We did and it’s a game-changer. Join author Glennon Doyle on September 27th for a live Q&A with lululemon. 

And as always, stay tuned for LIVE meditations throughout the week @alignyo. We’ll also do some breath of fire this week – CRITICAL (!!!) to strengthening your lungs and breathing… kind of important these days, non?