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Want 2020 VISION this year? Join our community: contact and be well connected.

Specifically designed for health and wellness professionals looking to grow their business and their network.

To determine if Contact is right for you, ask yourself:

Are you a business owner or practitioner in the health & wellness industry?

Are you interested in cultivating a deeper and broader network of like-minded professionals?

Do you wish you had more time to focus on the larger purpose or “why” of your business or practice?

contact: be well connected brings together health & wellness professionals to share and learn—it’s real connection in real-time.

Register here: For only $23/month you will:

Learn from our weekly interactive coaching sessions. Bring your challenges, your goals and your questions.

Start with our signature 6-week introduction to Mindful Goal Coaching which includes topics on leadership, goal setting and how to stay connected to your purpose.

Be introduced to other local health & wellness professionals like you—it’s like an instant peer group.

Receive exclusive invitations to monthly, in-person events (currently available to Toronto-only members).

And receive monthly publication highlighting members and their businesses.

Join our community for three-months and get your first month for $18.00

Presenter and Creator:

Liz Eustace

Founded and presented by Liz Eustace, a health & wellness expert with 20 years of industry experience. Liz worked at the forefront of lululemon’s brand development in the Eastern U.S. and created and ran a New York City based, digital communications firm, mindfulyogahealth (previously alignyo). Liz has coached dozens of business owners and other professionals, and has has presented on health & wellness topics for close to two decades. She has also developed an expertise in a range of natural products and is a veteran of North America’s largest trade shows. Now back in her hometown after 10+ years living and working in NYC, Liz’s primary focus is creating a vibrant, connected health & wellness community in Toronto.

Reach out to Liz directly @ liz@mindfulyogahealth.com