We’re serious Meghan – trust us, we know! Just look at how yoga has changed the lives of millions of people. Yoga has helped thousands of people cope with stress, anxiety, mood swings and yes – royal family dynamics. There is a ‘yoga AND’ class for almost everything, just go online and search “yoga”. It’s pretty amazing! So we strongly encourage you Meghan, to use yoga – we can guarantee that you’ll feel better about your in-laws.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a little friction to the ‘other-side’ when we begin our bumpy road of reconciling the bliss of found-love with the reality of family dynamics.

But like Maureen Dowd says it’s not wise to be ‘gone with the Windsors‘. You can do so much more from the inside the palace, working with the Queen and Prince William, Prince Charles… than creating the divide the size of the moon.

We know you like yoga, we’ve seen you in class. We suggest you take a few deep breaths Meghan, do some gentle adjustments and make this right. Yoga can be your best friend right now, even better than Jessica Mulroney!

Our suggestion is that during the summit on Monday, January 13 hosted by Queen Elizabeth – listen to your body, be kind and generous and rise above to ease into the discussion. Use the power of your breath and prep by doing a little alternate nostril breathing – heck, maybe even do a full hot-yoga class. Whatever it takes but we know that this will help!

And if things get tough, there are always these gummies or maybe something even stronger. Remember, cannabis is legal in your new home of choice – Canada!

Remain calm but please carry on – you’ve made a horrible mistake. The Queen will forgive you – think of what she’s has to look past over the last 100 years!

Good luck Meghan and we’re here for you girl. Let us know how it goes!