A mission statement captures the goals and beliefs of the party whom it represents in a few concise sentences. Many people believe that mission statements are reserved solely for companies or organizations, but a personal mission statement can be a powerful compass to guide you towards achieving what you want from your practice, your yoga teaching career, or your life off of the mat. 

Ask yourself the right questions 

As a practitioner, consider why you practice and what you hope to achieve through your practice. Are you striving for inner peace? Do you want to inspire those around you to take the time for themselves to connect with their mind, body, and spirit? Do you arrive at your mat in a quest to get healthier? 

If you teach yoga, what are your visions for yourself as a teacher? Your mission statement tells potential clients what you are all about so it is beneficial to narrow your mission statement down as much as possible. This sets you apart from other teachers. Your mission statement should reflect your niche in the yoga industry as much as possible. Do you have a medical background and specialize in teaching yogis with special needs? Are you a former dancer whose specialty is to create beautiful vinyasa flows? Are a fit yogi who loves to teach a class that works every muscle? Determine what makes you, you. 

Refine to make it your own  

Once you have formed an idea of what your statement may look like, refine the words further. Use descriptive language rather than broad terms. Every word has weight, so don’t be afraid to use something colorful rather than safe. 


Once you have created your mission statement, you may choose to share it with others. If you’re a practitioner, perhaps sharing it with loved ones, friends with whom you like to practice, or your favorite teacher may help you to make it come to life. If you’re a yoga teacher, consider posting your mission statement on your professional website or social media platforms. 

Creating a mission statement is almost as beneficial as nailing down the statement itself. By forming a mission statement you have a better idea of your motivations and can envision your future more clearly.