To protest their schools rumored decision to ban yoga pants, male students at North Haven High School in Connecticut wore yoga pants to school.

Female students participated as well (and there was also a signed petition), but it was the male students showing up in tight spandex that made headlines.

As people who live in yoga pants, we’re all for the students using social media to plan and execute this show of solidarity for being comfortable during school hours. Unfortunately, the protest was probably unwarranted. The school principal said that there was never a yoga pants ban in the works.

Of course, there are parents who feel that yoga pants leave little to the imagination (perhaps that’s why some of the male students are pro-yoga pants) and would like to see them removed from the list of acceptable things to wear to school. According to Yahoo News, parents will meet to discuss the issue of appropriate attire at school soon.

How do you feel? Should yoga pants be banned in schools? Tell us below!