It’s not cold everywhere right? Warmer weather provides a lot of opportunity to show a little skin. From hitting the beach or pool to wearing shorter sleeves (or none at all), we all want to showcase skin that is glowing and beautiful. Many of us ditch the heavy lotions because we don’t need to hydrate as much… but our skin can dry out in the summer due to overexposure from the sun.

One of my favorite things to do in the warmer weather (hello Florida!) to keep my skin beautiful and moisturized is to use a natural body oil (we LOVE a good and affordable ALMOND OIL) to splash on my skin just before stepping out of the shower. I can customize it to whatever my skin needs may be and can create my own unique aroma by adding essential oils. Some favorites are peppermint and rosemary combined to feel cool and fresh or rose and lemon to have a light, sweet floral scent.

Creating a body oil is easy to do and even easier to use:

  1. Add 12 – 14 drops of your essential oil combination per ounce of your favorite body oil. Suggestions include grapeseed, sweet almond, apricot kernel, sesame, argan, etc.
  2. Shake the mixture really well before application.
  3. Apply to skin that is slightly damp.  For optimal effect, allow the skin to air dry.
  4. Get dressed and let your skin glow!

Make sure to protect your skin from the sun. Once your skin is dry be sure to use your sunscreen so that your beautiful skin doesn’t burn. And be sure to exercise caution when using citrus oils in skin care application – they cause our skin to be extra sensitive to sunlight.

That’s how I use essential oils! Would love to hear how you use them? Leave in comments section.