Having trouble communicating? Your throat chakra may be out of balance. Aromatherapist Charlynn Avery of Aura Cacia shares the best essential oils for balancing the throat chakra below. 

Many struggle daily to express themselves fully and balance active listening with compassionate and gracious speaking. Clear self-expression and communication require a great deal of focus and energy. When our throat chakra is out of balance, we struggle to communicate appropriately with others. This energy center – Vishuddha as it is known in Sanskrit – is all about how we not only express our true selves to the world.

But how we convey that we are also listening to what the world is expressing back to us.

Balancing the Throat Chakras

With vishuddha in balance, you are able to harmonize with and communicate with others around you. You recognize that listening is just as valuable as speaking in your daily interactions. Some of the associations of the throat chakra are with the element of sound and with the color blue. Out of balance, we can feel like we aren’t being listened to or we may be unable to listen to others in return.

In aromatherapy, we look at natural connections with the aromas. An obvious connection is that to the color blue – German chamomile is a calming oil that is also blue in color. Perfect for cooling and calming emotionally tense situations, this essential oil is very effective in diffusion when you need to facilitate clear communication. Lemon is also a great suggested oil for its ability to contribute to clarity of expression and a positive outlook.                   

Think about using essential oils like these when you need to bring balance to Vishuddha or to any situation where communication is needed. Find more tips about balancing your chakras and essential oils at Aura Cacia.

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