Meditation might have contributed to Seattle Seahawks win over the Philadelphia Eagles tonight in NFL. We all know that Russell Wilson meditates and while we can’t say that meditation makes him the best quarterback in the league, we’re confident to say that the practice of meditation has been proven to increase focus and creativity. Meditation is a huge part of the yoga practice… connecting breath to movement so it’s no wonder many of these players are turning to yoga, and meditation as their secret advantage.

NFL Coach Pete Carroll’s dream has been to change the way football players are coached. Despite their outstanding athletic talent, he has experienced throughout his lengthy career that players often don’t perform as well on the field as they could. In addition to injury, they’re stressed and depressed and neglect many aspects of their health, especially their mental health.

Instead of being tough on his guys, Carroll wants to take care of his players by introducing them to meditation and yoga. This recent article from EPSN explains that Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks have been incorporating frequent meditation sessions, mandatory yoga classes, and positive mantras into their training regime – and they are reaping the benefits. “The big idea,” the article states, “is that happy players make for better players.” 

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