throwing a yoga event in your city

On June 21, Summer Solstice, Time Square is hosting their annual “yoga day.” Over 10,000 people from around the globe will gather together to quiet their minds in the country’s most chaotic location. 

Those of us on Team alignyo who will be in the city for the big event are pumped to be a part of it, but this event also prompted us to ask, why can’t something like this happen in any city around the world? 

What would you have to do to plan a Time Square-sized yoga event in your hometown? It’s easier than you think, but it does require careful planning. Here’s our guide to organizing a yoga event wherever you are. 

Get in contact with your city 

Reach out to city officials before showing up to a location with thousands of yogis ready to unroll their mats. Be sure to get proper permission. Permits may be necessary. 

Recruit sponsors

Companies and organizations in your town would likely love to be a part of the fun event you are planning. Spread the word to not only yoga studios and yoga apparel companies but also health food stores that could provide refreshments. 

Reach out to yoga teachers in your area

After deciding which teachers can actually lead the class, get in touch with yoga teachers in your city who would be great at getting the word out. Hopefully your personal favorite teacher will join in, but contact those at other studios as well in order to reach as many yoga students as possible.  

Organize every detail

The best events are those that are organized down to every last detail. Don’t just choose a date and location and “wing it.” Plan where yogis can park and if water will be provided. How many people can the location fit? Do you need to cap registration at a certain number? Consider also who will provide the music for the class. Be sure that surrounding businesses are aware of the event and the noise that will come with it. 

Come up with a Plan B

Expect the unexpected to happen. Be sure to plan a rain date so that your event can eventually occur if the weather on the initial date doesn’t cooperate.  

Who is ready to gather the yogis in their city?