10 ways to get Inspired

Have you been slacking off on your yoga practice lately? Hey, we’ve all been there. But your yoga mat misses you and we’re willing to bet your body misses yoga. How do we make time for mat time when we’re not motivated to practice? alignyo’s editorial team shares 10 thoughts and habits that help them stay on the mat.

You don’t need Pinterest for this inspiration:

You’ll have no regrets

“When I’m vacillating between going to a yoga class and doing [fill in the blank] instead, I always say to myself, ‘You won’t regret going to class, you’ll only regret not going to one.’” – alignyo LA editor Molly Nourmand

Pump up the jams

“I never leave home without my headphones and I love listening to music to help me mellow out or get pumped up to practice on my walk to the studio. Music really can help you get in the mood and the right state of mind for mat time.” – Senior editor Maya Henderson 

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Watch your four-legged friend

“Every morning my dog takes time to stretch and move his body. His stretching inspires me to do the same. If my dog can do it, so can I!” – contributing writer Jessica Rosen

Keep it interesting

“Challenge yourself to take one new class a week. This may mean taking a class from an instructor at your studio you haven’t yet tried or trying a new yoga studio completely. This keeps your practice fresh and exciting!” – Contributing writer Blair Atkins

Plan a yoga date and write it down

“I put the yoga classes I’m planning on attending in my calendar and set alert reminders. I also try to make a yoga date with a friend once a week–accountability is a great motivator.” – Molly Nourmand

Be prepared

Both LA editor Molly Nourmand and contributor Jessica Rosen say they keep their mat, a towel and yoga clothes in their car so they are always ready to hit a class. “I am much more likely to attend class if I don’t have to go home first – once I’m home I’m probably not going anywhere.” – Jessica Rosen 

Read all about it

“Whenever I read anything yoga related, especially an article that breaks down a pose or talks about the healthy benefits of yoga, I can’t wait to hit my mat.” – Maya Henderson

Show off your app-titude

Nowhere near your studio, but in the mood for a yoga class? Download a yoga class finder app so you can always find a class, no matter where you are. Jessica says she’s tried a variety of apps and lululemon’s Om Finder is her favorite. It’s free and it “allows you to sync with your calendar so you can enter in the classes you plan to attend with reminders – every bit of extra motivation helps.”

Buy yourself a little something something

“Treat yourself to a new pair of yoga pants. You’ll want to go to class just to show them off.” – Blair Atkins

Never forget savasana

“Whenever I don’t feel like going to class, I’m always happy I did by the time I settle into savasana. If I’m ever debating going to class, I think about how I’ll feel those last few moments of my practice and I usually have no problem getting motivated.” – Maya Henderson

What are your favorite ways to stay motivated? Comment below and let us know!