Yoga poses for the beach, airport & to help you detox

alignyo contributor and yoga instructor Jessica Bellofatto picks her fave blogs
Jessica Bellofatto
airport yoga: 6 yoga poses you can do at the airport
6 yoga poses you can do at the airport
Easy detox yoga sequence
Easy detox yoga sequence
6 beach yoga poses
6 beach yoga poses

alignyo contributor Jessica Bellofatto is a mom of three, owner of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton, a SUP racer and constantly heading to exotic locales to lead transformative yoga retreats. But somehow she finds the time to put together awesome yoga sequences for alignyo readers (you’ve probably seen her great photos on our Facebook page). Here, she shares her three favorite alignyo blogs. Roll out your mat and give ‘em a go. They are all perfect for the breezy but busy summer season. 

Try Jessica Bellofatto’s favorite yoga poses:

6 poses that are perfect for travel

Heading to the airport soon? Don’t forget your travel-friendly yoga poses. “This yoga for travel piece is one of my favorites because it illustrates how portable our yoga practice can be. The poses here are great not just for travel, but also for when you’re on the go and don't have time for a full practice, but need a quick pick-me-up. 

An easy detox yoga sequence

When she’s not feeling 100%, Jessica likes to do this Easy Detox Yoga Sequence. “I love this detox sequence for when I’m feeling a bit low energy or if I haven't been taking the best care of myself. It is an easy way to 'reset' your system and get you back on track. Pair this sequence daily with lighter eating, and/or a few days of a juice cleanse for even better results!”

6 beach yoga poses

Calling Jessica a beach babe is an understatement, she practically lives on the sand, so we’re not surprised she picked this beach yoga sequence as one of her favorites. “As I say in this post, the beach is easily my favorite place in the world. Give me a patch of sand and an ocean and I could not be happier. It does not need to be bikini season to enjoy the beach; I go all year round whenever possible to simply sit near the ocean and soak in that energy.



I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for three years with the same instructor. Recently, I have noticed that when I am unable to get into certain positions the instructor would state to me to move into a more simple position than the others and kind of wait out the position and then catch up with the class after the difficult position is over. I found this condescending and after class I asked why I couldn't receive some support for the difficult moves like the others receive. I mean, how is one to learn a difficult move if one doesn't receive help. Unfortunately, the instructor seemed to have become offended and I was asked to not attend the class any further. Yoga classes are like any other challenges in life; it's all about finding the right fit...

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