Yoga for strength with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles yoga for super hero strength
Tara Stiles

This yoga for Super Hero Strength video from Tara Stiles isn’t just about building muscle. Sure, you’ll get physically stronger thanks to the chaturanga pushups, Warrior II lunges and twisting planks, but Tara says that this yoga flow is about “building strength and working with ease, so you can calm your mind and work towards hard things in an easy way.” Now that’s our kind of strength training.

Find your inner super-hero with Tara Stiles:

“See if you can create that nice wave with your breath. Long inhales to open you up a bit and create that space, easy exhales to move you right in.”


Love this video! Flows very

Love this video! Flows very well. This will be my new morning routine.
Thanks for sharing alignyo

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