Wanna prana? Introduction to Kundalini

Wanna prana? Introduction to Kundalini

We could all use a little lift in our prana (vital life force), and one of the best pranic boosters you can ever experience is Kundalini yoga. The organic movements and exhilarating breath techniques of a Kundalini practice is said to awaken the shakti (energy) of the “coiled snake” that resides at the base of the spine, evoking that naturally high-on-life kind of feeling.

Wondering what @home Kundalini can do for you?

Awaken your spirit

The combination of yoga poses, meditation, mantras, breathing, mudras (hand movements) and bandhas (body locks), called kriyas help release spiritual, energetic, and emotional blocks, and help establish a deeper connection between your body and your mind: think rapid body movements, powerful breathing and focused mantra – all at the same time.

Tear out the toxins

If you’re feeling unreasonably emotional or overwhelmed by stress, Kundalini is the perfect remedy. At first glance, all the arm jiggling and noisy breathing may look funny, but the combination of movements in conjunction with breath are actually helping you release stored toxins, and replenishing empty storage bins of energy. The result is some serious benefits for your internal organs, and circulatory, pulmonary, and endocrine systems, as well as your mental health.

Uncoil your snake

The literal meaning of Kundalini is “coiled” and by practicing Kundalini yoga you are working to wake up your spine, or uncoil the sleeping snake at the base of your spine. When the snake begins to make its way up the spinal column, or central channel of the body (called the sushumna), it sends waves of energy throughout the meridians or energy pathways, awakening your body, enlivening your spirit, increasing your energy, and infusing your brain with clarity and happiness.

Check out alignyo’s review of an @home Kundalini class:

If you’ve only got a few Kundalini classes under your belt, or this is your first time exploring this type of yoga, then the pace and instruction in Sarah’s class will guide you through your practice with ease. Our attention was definitely piqued when Sarah revealed that we would be “tearing out the toxins and raising the frequency.” 

The majority of this 50-minute practice is seated – it's incredible how much energy you can exert from a seated position. Sarah introduces “rapid breath of fire” – short, quick inhalations and exhalations that you’ll use throughout the practice as you create circles of energy with your body. Ever “floss” your spine? You will with Sarah.

If you feel like you’ve been running on empty, Kundalini will definitely fill you up.


Can't access video

I'd love to try the at home Kundalini linked to in this article, but the video is marked private and there is no way to pay or sign up to access it.

Also - I don't see any other reference to the teacher's full name other than the mention of "Sarah's class" in the piece.

Can you provide the instructor's full name or a different link (in the story or via direct message), or tell us how we can access the video? Very excited to try this style of yoga.

Thank you.

Cannot access video

The link to Sarah's class leads to a video on YouTube marked "private". Would love the ability to access it!

It says the video is

It says the video is "private"? Do I need permissions to see it? Would love to try a taste of Kundalini.

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