The top 3 yoga at home videos of 2012

The best online yoga videos with Anita Goa
Anita Goa
Online yoga videos with Tara Stiles
Tara Stiles

2012 was a great year for doing yoga at home. alignyo shared videos from some of the biggest yoga teachers out there, including Kristin McGee, Tara Stiles and Gwen Lawrence, and while all were great for improving your yoga practice in someway, the videos below were the most popular among readers. Here, the top 3 yoga at home videos of 2012.

Did your favorite yoga video make the cut?

Doin’ da butt

This lower body yoga workout from New York’s Anita Goa was a reader and alignyo staff favorite. Anita’s Toned Butt Workout works the backside, quads, abs and arms, to help you get the yoga butt of your dreams.

Whittle your middle

This Core Weight Loss Yoga video from Tara Stiles features yoga exercises that target the upper and lower abdominals as well as the oblique. We also love that it’s only about five minutes long, so you can easily incorporate it into any yoga at home session. 

Biceps & triceps & traps, oh my!

Readers who work at a desk really loved yoga stretches for the upper body video from Anita Goa. Do these stretches after exercising, sitting at a desk all day or if you’re feeling a little sore from one too many chaturangas. 



I like the posture and shoulders video but i am 69 years old do you have a Yoga for seniors?

the top 3 yoga at home videos of 2012

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