Tame your tension with Tara Stiles

Tame your tension with Tara Stiles

Feeling stressed? Then you'll definitely be relieved to know two things: 1) April is National Stress Awareness Month; and 2) New York City based "yoga rebel" Tara Stiles has a dedicated yoga routine that will help alleviate your angst. 

Stress be gone! Here are some highlights from Tara Stiles' Routine for Stress Relief video:

Just breathe

Tara starts the session with alternate nostril breathing to “calm and focus the mind and help ease anxiety.” Even better: it will have you sleeping like a baby. Try practicing this breathing technique next time you find yourself staring at the clock at 3 a.m. Also helpful: Adding alternate nostril breathing to your daily routine.

Let it go

We heard it from Tara: “Stress doesn’t just leave us. It stays stored in our physical and emotional bodies until we let it go.” Since we’ve got to work to release the stress, Tara helps us open our spine and back with a sequence that includes cat and cow, child’s pose, and shoulder openings. Tara seamlessly weaves these movements together so you’ll feel like you're floating from one pose to the next.

Press repeat

This routine is a little over five minutes, but we found ourselves repeating the sequence several times because it felt so good. Our breath became calmer, our bodies were more at ease and our mind truly began to let go.

Ready to release your stress with yoga@home? Check out Tara’s video.


Need to strengthen my scapula stability

I seem to have a weak serratus (got the wing action) and perhaps other weakness, up there?! I teach yoga & I feel like a fruitcake when I cue plank, down dog & chaturanga yet still have weakness in the pose myself (especially plank - but mainly chaturanga)...any suggestions. After a long day of teaching thetop of my shoulder is sore. If I lift my arm up to my ear ...pop, pop, pop.

chronic pain

Hi Allison. thanks for writing. some gentle yoga movements with a lot of deep breathing can help your chronic pain. we've seen it cure often at Strala! best thing to do is go slow, back off when any pain sensations occur, and not push yourself at all. stay where you can breathe easily. also regular practice, even if it's a few minutes per day is great to get your body moving and alleviate your pain. here is a link to some videos that hopefully will help. keep in touch. tara


fibromyalgia and arthritic knees

I have difficulty with chronic pain and have had a recent total knee replacement and feel yoga would be very beneficial. However, I am not very flexible. Are there certain poses that may be modified to help manage pain and increase flexibility.

Thank you for your time.


Tara's video

Loved the video.

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