Three ways to power a prenatal practice

Prenatal Yoga at Home

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop practicing yoga or put off starting. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, prenatal yoga has been shown to improve sleep, increase the strength and flexibility of muscles needed during childbirth, and decrease lower back pain. You can start right now: All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and a little room to grow.

Prenatal practice is as easy as turning on your computer:

Choice DVD

Shiva Rea pairs up with Gaiam to offer a 70-minute practice focused on increasing energy and stamina while building strength, flexibility and balance. The gentle stretches help reduce fatigue, tension and tightness, and deep breathing promotes relaxation and improved circulation as well as being great practice for delivery day! Modifications are given for each trimester.

Choice streaming

My Yoga Online offers unlimited streaming from their library, which includes everything from short two-minute tutorials on how to gracefully get from the floor to standing in the late pregnancy stage, to full 75-minute classes, for only $9.95 a month. Membership also connects you with the community, helps you create your own wellness plan, and provides access to healthy living articles.

Choice download

YouTube takes the cake for the most comprehensive source of prenatal videos online with over 3,200 hits. Find everything from trimester specific practices to hip opening stretches and breathing techniques. While most are under five-minutes, there are some longer practices with such prenatal teaching greats as Liza Gander and Debra Geymayr. Best of all, it’s free!

Go Deeper

  • In NYC? Check out Prenatal Yoga Center for classes seven days a week in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Plus join the community for valuable recommendations through Nanny Exchange and Doctor Exchange.
  • Want to take part in a class from the comfort of your home? Join LA studio Yogis Anonymous on Mondays at 2:30 PST as they stream their prenatal class. If you’re not available at that time, pay $15 per month for unlimited access to their library of classes including past prenatal sessions. 


Liza Gander

Thanks for the reference to my Free Prenatal Yoga Class on youtube except you spelled my name incorrectly. It's spelled Liza Janda not Liza Gander. There's also lots more information for pregnancy, birth and postpartum on my website
Happy Birth Days to all!

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